Monikie Rock Art

Rock. On.

David McGovern is a professional stone-carver working mainly in his local sandstone, but also in limestone and bronze. He is based in his native Angus in the North-East of Scotland.

David's work can be found in private collections, outdoor installations and museums.

Smaller pieces of work are offered for sale on this website and also at the many events David attends throughout Scotland from April to October.

David is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, a member of the Scottish Artists Union and a Vice President of The Pictish Arts Society.


tel. 01382 370592           email.

forteviot david portrait by Nicola

Stonecarving Tool Kit


The tools you need to start stone carving don't need to be complicated but good quality tools will always be easier to work with. I've put together a little kit of very high quality, Italian tungsten carbide tools to get you started! Most starter kits contain tools you'll hardly ever use so I put together the tools I wish I'd had when I started.
Although this is intended for beginners (these are the same tools we use on my carving courses), it's all you need to carve the kind of things that I carve. These tools will last a lifetime.
Medium weight dummy (hammer) and 5 Tungsten Carbide carving chisels. All for £120 plus £5 for delivery- much less than tools of this quality would cost you elsewhere.